Import contacts to Android (Sony Ericsson t650i to HTC Hero)

I am now the proud owner of an HTC Hero Android powered phone.  One of the first tasks to sort out was getting my contacts migrated.  What looked liked a problematic task at first has turned out to be quite simple.

My first instinct (as I had done this successfully with other phone migrations) was to backup my contacts to my SIM and then import them on the new phone.  This kind of worked, but was not too successful (i.e. surname, firstname back to front, other notes in weird places, not all numbers copied across).

Now to what did work.

From within the Sony Ericsson phone, I was able to back up my contacts to the memory card.  Following this I plugged in the SE phone via USB to my laptop, and copied the “PB_Backup.vcf” file across (found in the /media/PHONE CARD/system/pim directory).

Now to Gmail contacts.  Choose “import” and select your “PB_Backup.vcf” file.  If, after importing, this all looks ok, then sync your Hero (or other Android phone) and your done.  Contacts with the firstname first.

9 Responses to “Import contacts to Android (Sony Ericsson t650i to HTC Hero)”

  1. tb Says:

    Thanks! Worked perfectly!

    I exported all contacts from my W960i to a vcf-file with MyPhoneExplorer, which I in turn imported into GMail and then into my Nexus One. Supernajs :-)

  2. tb Says:

    … forgot to mention, MyPhoneExplorer is a Windows app…



  3. ctc Says:

    wow, it works!
    thx for telling me that! It saves me a lot of time dealing with the contacts.

  4. Emil Says:

    Thank you, was having the same problem.

  5. teddy Says:

    i’ve tried using MyPhoneExplorer but somehow my k810i unable to connect with it . So i’ve your method instead , and it work…

    thank you …

  6. skumlerud Says:

    I also transfered all contacts from my k810i to Android (HTC Desire). I simply exported all contacts in one go via Bluetooth. When the export was done, I imported the resulting .vcf-file on the Android.

  7. Vamsi Says:

    works like a charm… heartful thanks for the tip… now i have to share the link to my pals….

  8. Ravikiran Kuthyala Says:

    It did work… super….

  9. Martin Says:

    Thank you sooooooo much …. i had transferred my contact list from my Sony Ericsonn to a LG GT 540 and the names and numbers were all over the place ………. this worked a treat ……..saving me sooooooo much time and aggro TAHNK YOU SO MUCH … RESPECT


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