HTC Incredible S, internet over Wifi not working

After recently buying an HTC Incredible S, one of the first requirements was to get it connected to the home Wifi. For security I use WPA-PSK and also MAC address filtering. After adding the MAC address to the router and configuring the password, the phone connected to the Wifi with no issues. But after trying to use the market and the internet it was apparent that the connection wasn’t working.

After a little bit of troubleshooting, I discovered I could actually access other computers on the home network, but could not access anything on the internet. This didn’t seem to be a DNS issue as using straight IP addresses didn’t help either. After reading a few posts, it seemed this might be an issue with my SpeedTouch router (and/or the combination of the SpeedTouch with an Android 2.2 device).

Anyway, the current solution (or workaround) is to use a static IP address on the home network. Once configured, everything works as expected. But, this is a workaround, and I wouldn’t want to have to do this on other Wifi networks (which I’m yet to test).

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  1. Rockstaar Says:

    Hey, i recently bought an HTC incredible s and i found the solution to the problem.

    First go to Wifi settings, then press the button your phone with the 3 lines and select advanced settings.THen select static ip(check it) and then inpput all the ips, DNS etc by typing ipconfig/all in CMD.

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